Blue Tulip -- Listen!
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© Kate Lane 2009-13
Fully drawn and inked... hopefully up tonight, we all know how that goes though :).


Next comic is two-thirds drawn!

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Newwww program! This one's called "Cite Browser" and is intended to fill that annoying gap between 'all history' and 'bookmarks' of your browser that tends to result in having five million browser windows open (*ahem* well at least for some of us). The idea is that any page that you think you might want to read, but doesn't seem significant enough to read immediately or clutter up your bookmarks with, you drop the address, a useful title, and short description in Cite Browser. Then if you do decide to read it, it's there. Otherwise, it will slowly get edged out as you add more recent links.

There's also a social / sharing aspect to it, as you can either view only your own "cited" pages, or the "full bibliography," that is, the pages that anyone has cited. So if you're bored and want something to read online, well, a site that someone else found interesting enough to cite might be just the ticket :).

Also, next comic is a third drawn.


The Diamond Age (Neal Stephenson... same guy who wrote Snow Crash) is freaking amazing.

Also... *omfgsqueee* Will in the fourth panel is so bishi *squeee* mostly unintentional but once I noticed it drawing, I tried to keep/emphasize it inking and coloring ^^;;;

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