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Just in time for the last one to lose its front-page-link status (well, sorta ;)... another math program! This one calculates the resultant of two polynomials in Z.


Hurrah! Okay, apparently step two of one-year-anniversary upgrading is making new stencils for the comics. I've been getting pretty frustrated with the printout that I had had, and it turns out there is nothing in Elements for making hollow rectangles! Who knew. None of the 'hacks' I could find to work around it ended up working... so I finally just went analog and made a cardpaper cutout and sharpied a tracing of it six times. It's still rather sloppy; hopefully that will come better with practice, because I am much happier with the evenness and such.

I'm also finally trying to pick up more css! That will make the updates easier for me, I guess, but probably won't result in much directly noticeable to you. Hmm. And I finished reading a novel. I know. I thought, while I was rambling about random things... :P

We'll see what else I come up with in the coming weeks :). (Suggestions are welcome! kate at bluetulip...)

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