Blue Tulip -- Listen!
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© Kate Lane 2009-2010
Well, further technological setbacks... I might just give up and become a Luddite :). New strips are in the works, but scanning will probably not be in the cards until Tuesday. Maybe you'll be lucky and get multiple strips then, though! Hey, without a near-constant screen presence, who knows how much drawing I can get done, mwahaha. <3


So obviously the new scripts and stuff worked less well than intended. Sorting things out, but sorting out a lot of things other than this site, so sorry if life > interwebs sometimes :). In the meantime, this is the next step in the story! Sorry about the weird quality and lack of color -- that's what happens when your printer drivers (= scanner) don't agree with you, and you don't have any image editing software currently functioning on your computer other than "Preview" :). Love!

And yes, it's supposed to be a masturbation joke. Hopefully that doesn't fall so... ah, flat ;)... that no-one got that?

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