Blue Tulip -- Listen!
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Okay, so, yet again, overly optimistic (or at least grossly underestimating need for sleep yet again). But the next couple strips are scripted, and will be going up this month :)). Namely, one of them tomorrow (Wednesday).


So, continuing the "w00t~!" streak, I'm in San Diego this weekend for a Writer's Conference, and it's been amazing!! But it also took me much longer to drive to San Diego than I'd anticipated, so I won't be getting back until hecks of late Monday night. So... next comic Tuesday. ♥ But I am still determined to hit eight comics this month! So be expecting three updates in the next week and a half =D.


W00t~! I guess I had to give in to the fact that 99.999% of my male friends are gamers. Uh. Uh... I'm giving a presentation about Listen! next Tuesday!! Omfg, I get to join the ranks of PHD and GWS and all those other cool webcomics that give presentations about how awesome their comics are all the time ;).

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