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Okay, so I'm a webcomic junkie, I think that's almost obligatory when you draw a webcomic yourself -- that's one way I justify it to myself, anyway ;). I have a handful of webcomics I read almost daily, and another handful that I keep up-to-date with in perhaps weekly or biweekly chunks. But the strips that Danielle did this week over at Girls With Slingshots, as well as my own recent digging up (and consequent rereading and reposting) of Chad's World (yes, that's a new page!) that I wrote in high school, have led to a heavy revisiting of the longer-term aspects of my... relationship with the graphic storytelling form, if you will. It's kind of stunning to realize how deeply I've had my nose in comics for how long. All these movies coming out of late based on old comic books -- I didn't really know anything about any of these stories until the movies came out. That, combined with the constant shaming I received from some number of friends for not having read Gaimon's Sandman despite running with a collection of SciFi geeks (and seriously adoring his American Gods), has led me in the past several years to view myself as a sort of recent stumbler into the world of graphic literature.

So, when looking back to before college -- it's kind of startling. I read Tailsteak's 1/0 for a long time. I had large swathes of the wall in my room in high school covered in strips cut from the Sunday funnies...


I'll come back to this idea sometime, I'm sure :). I'm realizing this might actually develop into a pretty interesting essay or something. Mayhap it will make for an About Me page! My history in comics :P. Far more relevant than any actual about me page would be.

Gah! Procrastination. Must color comic :P. Oh right! Next comic is inked and drawn.


New knitting pattern (w/ optional crochet bit): Cables and Braids Pillow II. Also, next Listen! strip is scripted and half-drawn! :D


Hey look, how cool is it that I finally got my act together and redid the panel template? :P

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