Blue Tulip -- Listen!
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Next strip is scripted, up later tonight (Friday)! :)


Starting a new section? Potpourri project? Whatever on this site, namely, a study guide for the GRE Mathematics subject test (I bet you can't guess who's planning to take that in the fall!). I've also already uploaded one content page to it, on Characteristic Polynomials. Many more to follow over the next several months, I'm sure. I also made a cute little php thing to display random inspirational or humorous quotes about mathematics on each page, sooo... hee :). I'm learning php these days. Expect my future programs to look a little spiffier. I was getting so sick of html forms.

Oh, yea, and in case it wasn't obvious I cleaned up the color on the comic. Heh. Umm, perfection is my enemy? ^_^


So... yea, still can't have things optimized by the time I post them. Uhhh, it's the beta version? ;) [/geek]

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