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© Kate Lane 2009-2011
Mostly colored. Up Sunday evening / night :)


TWO THIRDS INKED. *heavy sigh* ♥


*insert long whine about economy and circumstance here*

Next comic is half-drawn. Up in... well, the next coupla days. ♥

In the meantime, go play with WishQuotes! Go admit whatever you wanted to hear ("I just wanted to hear... Listen! was actually updated." :P), and then vote on how other people's wishquotes would've helped your day! :D It's all entirely anonomyous, of course. So, um, please don't insult other people's mothers. The quotes when they show up on someone else's voting block might be interpreted as insulting your mother. :P


Hey! More new non-comic stuff! This time, it's a funky little feelgood experiment. The idea is that you tell it something that you would have liked to have heard today, and then you can see other quotes from other people, and what they would have liked to have heard. Then you get to vote on how much better hearing that would have made you feel! Almost painfully cute, I know, but hey, it was something fun to do over the weekend. Try it out! Let me know what you think (kate AT bluetulip). :D

Also, next comic is scripted. Up in the next coupla days.


Mmmm, drunk logic. Stoner apathy.



Okay, so I still haven't finished fixing up the color on this one... but I finished a new program! My first non-trivial program in php not for somebody else and/or a job... aintcha proud of me? =^____^=

(Okay, well, I'm proud of me :P)

It's based on the sporcle multiplication practice, in that it has the table that updates by filling in answers that you've done correctly. However, it goes up to 15. I know, so different. But I couldn't for the life of me find a satisfactory up-to-15 practice thing (ie, I found one site that offered practice up to 15, and it was an extremely frustrating site), and I needed one to prep for the GREs (everyone who didn't major in math seems to assume that "majored in math" equates to "really good at arithmetic"... not! true! I think if anything it's an inverse relationship; the more advanced math you do, the more your arithmetic skills deteriorate, if the math department at my school was any indication ^^;;;)... to make a short story long :).


No, I never threw-to-break my phone because I was drunk and didn't know how to react to a phone call. Nope. Definitely not.

Wooooo nüüü comic! ...color fixed up Sunday. Insert cliché webcomic excuse here.

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