Blue Tulip -- Listen!
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Lol man and I thought I was bad about reliably updating last year... eh, well, it's mostly inked, so, um, progress :).

And hey, Conic Sections now generates problems on ellipses, too. So that's something? ::hides::


Updated the Conic Sections Practice so it now includes questions on hyperbolas as well. As for the comic, I know I said it would be up "later this week," and well, it's a third drawn ::halo:: hey, go learn nifty math things to entertain yourself in the interim. Revised goal is comic up late Sunday or midday Monday.


Hey look... yet... another... program? This one generates practice problems on the conic sections (currently only does circle and parabola problems).

Also, next comic is scripted. Up later this week. ♥


Yayy! Comic up! Finally, eh eh? ^_^ No, this strip wasn't uncomfortable to draw at all. Small wonder I just kept throwing myself into coding projects instead, lol :P. (That's entirely the reason for the extended leave. Not at all writer's block or doubts about my drawing abilities or having work and life to deal with or any of those other stereotypical webcomic excuses, nope, nosiree.)

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