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Granny Square Pillow

Note: uses four colors of worsted weight yarn, two main colors ("dark MC" and "light MC"), and two contrasting colors ("dark CC" and "light CC").

Using worsted weight yarn and size I/J crochet hook...

Note: DC here stands for double crochet (the stitch).

Granny Square (make 8)
Make 4 with one patterning of the two main colors, and four with the reverse pattern.

Round 1: With one of the main colors, chain 4 and connect into a loop. Chain 3, dc twice in loop,
(chain 4, dc 3 in loop) three times. Chain 4, then connect to the first stitch.

Round 2: With the other main color, chain 3 and insert hook into "hole" in previous round
(resulting from the chain 4's). DC twice, chain 4, DC three more times in this first "hole."
(Chain 2, DC three times in next hole, chain 4, DC three more times) three times.
Chain 2, then connect back to the first stitch of this round.

Round 3: With the first color, chain 3, DC twice in current hole. Chain 4, DC three more times
in this hole. (Chain 2, DC three times in "center" hole, chain 2, DC three times in next "corner"
hole, chain 4, DC three more times in "corner" hole) three times. Chain 2, DC in last middle hole
three times, chain 2, connect back to first stitch of the round.

Assembling each side (make 2)

Arrange four granny squares, two of each color arrangement, in a square, and whip-stitch them together.
Flatten out, then run a round of (light) CC single crochet stitches around the outside. Then run two
rounds of the darker CC around the outside.


Stitch two sides together with whip stitch, using the dark contract color worsted weight yarn and crochet hook
(size G or H) or yarn needle, leaving an opening of roughly two inches. Fold inside out
(if desired; this rounds out the edges better). Stuff, then finish final seam, continuing
in whip stitch. Weave in all ends.

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