Blue Tulip -- Listen!
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Getting settled in. Next comic is scripted... and no, this isn't the original #108 script if you actually read these updates ;). That one's going later... if it doesn't get scrapped altogether, ha. But #110 should be up Monday or Tuesday. But! If you just absolutely can't wait for something new here... I uploaded a new knitting pattern!

Also: mmmmmmm libraries.


Eh, it was a "cut my losses and post it" time, so sorry about the lack of color :). This strip comes to you from Ohio! o_O. I'm hanging out in a seminary to boot, which is a pretty amazing place. Seriously, I think a lifelong obsession with staying at seminaries, monastaries, etc has just been initiated. It's so beautiful, so peaceful, so... harmonic here.

And I didn't notice the psudo-religious symbolism of the decorations on the two girls' shirts. That's completely unintentional; I'm gonna blame it on my current surroundings :P

Otherwise though, yea, these conversations both nearly exactly happened. I'm sure my friend's roommate (whose name is not actually Ashley :P) and the priest that walked me to where I would be staying both think I'm a complete twit :).

Sorry about the back-to-back "bonus material" strips. It's hard to focus on fictional characters when I'm pinballing so fast between so many different real characters! :). Hopefully these are sufficiently entertaining supplements to the normal strip.

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