Blue Tulip -- Listen!
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Hooray! I've figured out a work-around, so the new comic should be up later tonight :).

Also, happy eggs and bunnies day!


!@#(*$ Well, the comic is drawn, inked, scanned... and now I'm at a location where I can't get my laptop online. Uurgle. Somehow using the same internet cable that has this computer hooked to the internet doesn't work with my computer. Meh. Well, I'm going to keep trying, but if this doesn't work, I won't be able to get the comic up until Tuesday :(. Sorry...


Next strip is scripted and half drawn; will be up on Saturday!


Heh, exactly one month after the last comic in the storyline... ::halo::. But they will be coming regularly again now that I'm moved into the new place. I'm actually contemplating having an update schedule starting in May!

Hey, it's at least a good sign that I got this one up within the time frame I said it would be up, eh eh? ;)

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