Blue Tulip -- Listen!
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© Kate Lane 2009-2011
Drawn and half-inked. It's starting to worry me how many people show up in my life with the names of my characters, after they're in the strip. The most hilarious example is probably still acquiring a roommate named Sarah, some months after Liz was bemoaning Sarah's dedication to (overprotection of?) her puppy. Fortunately Sarah didn't have a dog :). Eh. I guess that's what I get for giving most of my characters vaguely common names.


Oy! Next comic is scripted, hopefully up later today. Though I've had a total of about six hours of sleep in the last 54 hours, so it might not end up being until Thursday.


Wooo finally back on track! Regularish updates now presumably resuming :). And no, haven't forgotten. That potpourri is coming.

PS first comic with mah new set of pens! eeeeeeeeeee

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