Blue Tulip -- Listen!
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Haha, so if you couldn't guess I'm giving up on coloring this one... in favor of going ahead and jumping into #131! It's already scripted and I've started drawing, so should be up on (*ahem*) Wednesday. But it might be (*ahem*) Thursday -- don't think I mentioned, I'm back in Ohio! Eeee calves and chickens and tomatoes straight off the vine.


*passes out drooling all over the carpet*

Man, freelancing while working two part-time jobs is hard. "Yo you said you could do this, I need it by tomorrow." O_o. I thought I'd already done that. "Right, I gave you the vague outline two weeks ago and never responded to your original work. It actually doesn't remotely satisfy what we need. So, now that I'm giving you the actual requirements, I need it two weeks from then, which is tomorrow. Btw, gotta be edited and live by 6am." 4:30am: ok, here it is. 5:45am: "I need all these things changed."

*sigh* Well, better than no job. Though it constantly feels like a skin-of-the-teeth on all fronts. @#($)%*$ economy. I somehow doubt this recent debt ceiling fiasco helped anything. If only congress members were as terrified of losing their jobs as the rest of us. @(!(#$%*. summary, that is my excuse for the lack of color. :P ROCK ON, FOLKS. All we can do is power through, eh, eh? ♥ But color will happen... it will just be... well, Friday or Saturday.

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